Canadian-only ProductWomen, Work and Social Rights: Canada in Historical and Comparative Perspective

By Cecilia M. Benoit

Published by Pearson Education Canada

Published Date: Sep 14, 1999


The text is suitable for upper-level sociology courses of work and gender, as well as political science, and women's studies courses.

Viewing gender relations in a historical context, the book examines the importance of women's roles in both paid and unpaid work, with a particular focus on the Canadian experience and its relation to other societies.

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1. Conceptualizing Women's Work and Social Rights.

2. Women's Work and Social Rights in the Pre-Capitalist Era.

3. Capitalism and Women's Work.

4. The Welfare State and Women's Social Rights.

5. Midwives' Work and Social Rights in Time and Across Place.

6. Post-Fordism, Welfare State Regimes, and Women's Work in the Twenty-First Century.



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