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Canadian-only ProductTHINK Sociology, Second Canadian Edition, 2nd Edition

By John D. Carl, Marc Belanger

Published by Pearson Education Canada

Published Date: Feb 14, 2014


THINK Currency. THINK Relevancy. THINK Sociology.

With an engaging visual design, unique pedagogical features, and integrated Canadian content, THINK Sociology 2ce continues to be an introductory Sociology text your students will actually read. Its journalistic, first-person writing style will engage your students while delivering the core concepts in a way that they can actually understand. 

Informed with the latest Canadian and international research and the most contemporary examples, THINK Sociology 2ce allows you to bring current events directly into your classroom. Its focus on Sociology in practice--such as understanding the role of the media, social interaction, and the role of socialization and our social institutions--makes content accessible and applicable to today’s students. 

Students using THINK Sociology can also visit the ThinkSpot, an open-access website providing tools to help them interact with the material and achieve a better grade.

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Chapter 1: Sociology
Chapter 2: Sociological Research
Chapter 3: Culture
Chapter 4: Socialization
Chapter 5: Social Structure and Interaction
Chapter 6: Social Stratification
Chapter 7: Social Class in Canada
Chapter 8: Population and Environmental Impact
Chapter 9: Race and Ethnicity
Chapter 10: Gender and Sexuality
Chapter 11: Aging and Health
Chapter 12: Deviance and Crime
Chapter 13: The Family
Chapter 14: Education and Religion
Chapter 15: Collective Behaviour and Social Movements

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