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Solutions to Social Problems from the Bottom Up: Successful Social Movements

By D. Stanley Eitzen, Kenneth Stewart

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Dec 13, 2006


This brief reader examines a number of organized movements that have successfully brought about reform and change "from the bottom up."

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Social Movements and Democracy

David S. Meyer, How Social Movements Matter

Howard Zinn, The Problem is Civil Obedience

Additional Readings

Chapter 2 Social Movements Advancing Toward Equality

Taylor Branch, The Sit-In Movement

Charles Wilson, Rosa Parks’s Gift to the Disabled

Tina Gianoulis, Women’s Liberation Movement

Wikipedia, Gay Rights

Living Wage Resource Center, The Living Wage Movement

Additional Readings

Chapter 3 Social Movements Promoting Democracy

Wikipedia,  Dorr Rebellion

Akhil Reed Amar, How Women Won the Vote

Liza Cozzens, Mississippi and Freedom Summer

Bill Moyers, The Progressive Movement

Tom Hayden, Port Huron Statement

Additional Readings

Chapter 4 Social Movements That Promoted Corporate Social Responsibility

Michael Blanding, Coke: The New Nike

Adam D. Sacks, Rights Fight: Townships in Rural Pennsylvania Take on Factory Farms—and Corporate Rights

David Swanson, Flame-Broiled Shark [Acorn taking on the predatory lending practices of Household Finance]

Ricky Baldwin, Tomato Pickers Win Big at Taco Bell

Amy Joyce, Logging On With a New Campaign: Staffers Use Tactics Learned with Candidates to Pressure Wal-Mart

Additional Readings

Chapter 5 The Next Generation: Social Movements Promoting Social Justice in a Globalizing World

Brian Halwell, The Rise of Food Democracy

Kelly Hearn, Not a Drop to Drink [Bolivians protest successfully against the World Bank’s privatization of their water supply]

Martin Khor, South Fights Back on Services at WTO [Leaders of relatively powerless nations take on the policies of the World Trade Organization]

Vandana Shiva, How to End Poverty: Making Poverty History and the History of Poverty [The ideology that inflames bottom up social movements in the globalizing world]

Additional Readings

Chapter 6 Involvement in Social Movements: The Importance of Citizen Activism

Sarah Ferguson, Cindy Sheehan and the Peace Movement

Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, Jose Bove and the Global Peasant Movement

Charles Bowden, Charlie Kenaghan, Keeper of the Fire [Student activism against sweatshop labor]

Additional Readings

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