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Canadian-only ProductSocial Problems in a Diverse Society, Fourth Canadian Edition, 4th Edition

By Diana Kendall, Edward G. Thompson, Vicki L. Nygaard

Published by Pearson Education Canada

Published Date: Oct 19, 2015


Learning about social problems can be a highly rewarding experience. Although we live in challenging times, a course on social problems provides an excellent avenue for developing critical thinking skills and for learning how to use sociological concepts and perspectives to analyze specific social concerns ranging from war and terrorism, media concentration, drug addiction, and violence to the inequalities of racism, sexism, classism, ageism, homophobia, and ableism.


The fourth Canadian edition of Social Problems in a Diverse Society focuses on the significance of racialization and ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, class, ability,and gender in understanding social problems in Canada and around the globe. Throughout the text, people - especially those from marginalized groups—are shown not merely as “victims” of social problems, but also as individual actors with agency who resist discrimination and inequality and seek to bring about change in families, schools, workplaces, and the larger society.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1            Taking a New Look at Social Problems

Chapter 2            Poverty in the Canadian Context

Chapter 3            Racism and Ethnic Inequality

Chapter 4            Gender Inequality

Chapter 5            Inequality Based on Age

Chapter 6            Inequality Based in Sexual Orientation

Chapter 7            The Sex Industry in Canada and Beyond

Chapter 8            Addictions

Chapter 9            Crime and Criminal Justice

Chapter 10          Health, Illness, and Health Care as Social Programs

Chapter 11          The Changing Family

Chapter 12          Problems in Education

Chapter 13          Problems in the Globalized Economy and Politics

Chapter 14          Problems Related to Media

Chapter 15          Population, Urbanization, and the Environmental Crisis

Chapter 16          Global Social Problems

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