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Revel for Introduction to Social Problems -- Access Card, 10th Edition

By Thomas J. Sullivan

Published by Pearson

Published Date: Jun 5, 2015

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REVEL™ for Introduction to Social Problems explores the many social issues that continue to plague the United States. Discussing and analyzing the extent and nature of various problems and their potential solutions, the text stands as a guidepost for people with an interest in “helping” professions — sociologists, educators, social workers, etc. Through a sociological lens, students are able to gauge recurrent social issues and examine the benefits and possibilities of solutions. The Tenth Edition teaches students to apply research and knowledge to solve some of our nation’s most crippling problems.

REVEL is Pearson’s newest way of delivering our respected content. Fully digital and highly engaging, REVEL offers an immersive learning experience designed for the way today's students read, think, and learn. Enlivening course content with media interactives and assessments, REVEL empowers educators to increase engagement with the course, and to better connect with students.

NOTE: REVEL is a fully digital delivery of Pearson content. This ISBN is for the standalone REVEL access card. In addition to this access card, you will need a course invite link, provided by your instructor, to register for and use REVEL.

Table of Contents

1.   Approaches to the Study of Social Problems                                                                 

2.   Concentration of Power: and Political Institutions          

3.   Family-Related Problems        

4.   Health and Illness

5.   Education, Science, and Technology   

6.   Poverty          

7.   Race and Ethnic Relations       

8.   Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Social Inequality                                        

9.   Age and Social Inequality                                                                    

10.  Crime and Delinquency                                                                      

11.  Alcohol and Other Drugs                                                                   

12.  Prostitution, Pornography,and the Sex Trade                                                                           

13.  Population Growth and Urbanization

14.  Environmental Problems                                                                   

15.  Violence, War, and Terrorism

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