Organisational Behaviour and Analysis: An Integrated Approach, 4th Edition

By Derek Rollinson

Published by Pearson Education Canada

Published Date: Jun 26, 2008


A comprehensive introduction to Organisational Behaviour, steering a neutral path through the sociological, psychological and managerial approaches to the discipline. It balances coverage of the micro- (organisational behaviour) with the macro- (organisational analysis) level issues, with a cross-cultural theme running through the book.

It is written for students on undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in business, or business-related disciplines.

Table of Contents

Section 1:  Introductory Concepts                                                                   

Chapter 1:      An Introduction to the Study of Organisations                                                            

Chapter 2:      The Contexts of Contemporary Organisations                                                              

Section 2:  Individual Characteristics                                                             

Chapter 3:      Personality, Intelligence and Aptitude                                                                            

 Chapter 4:     Perception                                                                                                                            

Chapter 5:      Attitudes and Emotions                                                                                                     

Integration 1:  Integrating Individual Characteristics

Integrative Case Study No. 1

Section 3:  The Intrapersonal Level (Individual Processes)                        

Chapter 6:      Memory and Learning                                                                                                        

Chapter 7:      Work Motivation and Job Design                                                                                   

Chapter 8:      Work Motivation: Process Theories                                                                               

Chapter 9:      Individual Decision Making                                                                                              

Chapter 10:    Workplace Stress and Work-life Balance                                                                       

Integration 2:  Integrating Individual Characteristics and Processes

Integrative Case Study No. 2

Section 4:  The Interpersonal Level                                                                

Chapter 11:    Groups, Teams and Teamworking                                                                                    

Chapter 12:    Leadership: The Foundations of Leadership Theory                                                   

Chapter 13:    Leadership: Contingency Theories and Recent Approaches                                      

Chapter 14:    Power, Politics and Conflict                                                                                              

Chapter 15:    Organisational Communication

Integration 3:  Integrating Group Characteristics and Processes and the Links
between Individuals and Groups                                                                                                              

Integrative Case Study No. 3

Section 5:  The Organisational Level                                                              

Chapter 16:    Organisational Goals and Effectiveness                                                                         

Chapter 17:    Organisational Structure                                                                                                    

Chapter 18:    Organisational Design                                                                                                       

Chapter 19:    Organisational Control                                                                                                       

Chapter 20     Organisational Culture and Climate                                                                                 

Chapter 21:    Organisational Change and Development                                                                      

Integration 4:  Integrating Macro Level Characteristics and Macro and Micro

Levels of Organisation

Integrative Case Study No. 4                                                                                                                    



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