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Mechanical Principles and Systems for Industrial Maintenance

By Richard R. Knotek, Jon R. Stenerson

Published by Pearson

Published Date: May 5, 2005

Table of Contents

(NOTE: Each chapter begins with an Objectives and Introduction section and concludes with Questions.)


1. Maintenance Practices and Principles.


Training and Education.

Preventative Maintenance.

Documentation and Surveys.

Predictive Maintenance.


2. Safety.

Accident Defined.

Causes of Accidents.

Accident Prevention.

Safe Use of Lab Equipment and Hand Tools.

Overview of Lockout/Tagout.

Lockout Requirements.



Sample Lockout Procedure.


3. Mechanical Power Transmission Fundamentals.





Acceleration and Deceleration.

Angular Speed, Rotational Distance, and Velocity.

Radius of Gyration and Rotational Inertia–WR2.


Mechanical Advantage.

Basic Machines.





Load Classifications.

Service Factor.


Overhung Load.


4. Lubrication.

Lubrication Fundamentals.

Lubrication Terminology.

Lubricant Additives.

Lubricant Film.

Industrial Lubricating Oils.

Industrial Lubricating Greases.

Grease Terminology.

Dry Film Lubricants.

Lubricant Compatibility.

Lubricant Delivery Systems.

Lubrication Handling and Safety.


5. Rigging.



Basic Principles in the Use of Slings.

Fundamental Hitches.

Calculating the Load on Each Leg of a Sling.

Balancing the Load.

Calculating the Weight of the Load.

Guidelines for the Rigger.

Factors that Reduce Lift Capacity.


6. Fasteners.

Screw Threads and Fasteners.

Thread Terminology.

Thread Forms.

Thread Lengths.

Classes of Thread Fits.

Metric Threads.

Taper Pipe Threads.

Fastener Identification.

Bolt Grades and Torque Factors.

Screw Grades.



Non-Thread Fastening Devices.

Cutting Threads.

Fastener Removal and Repair.


7. Shafting and Shaft Bushing Components.

Shaft Design, Materials, and Selection.

Shaft Locking Devices/Bushings.


8. Seals and Sealing Devices.

Radial Lip Seals.

Mechanical and Rotary Seals.

Packing and Stuffing Boxes.



9. Bearings.

Plain Bearings.

Anti-Friction/Rolling Element Bearings.

Housed Type Anti-Friction Bearings.

Handling Bearings.

Bearing Dismounting and Mounting Practices.

Rolling Bearing Lubrication.

Rolling Bearing Failure Analysis.


10. V- and Synchronous-Belt Drives.

V-Belt Principles of Operation and Terminology.

V-Belt Sheaves.

Variable Speed/Pitch Sheaves.

V-Belt Drive Selection.

Synchronous Belt Drives.

V-Belt and Synchronous Drive Maintenance.


11. Drive Chain and Sprockets.

Drive Chain Function and Operation.

Drive Chain Types.


Roller Chain Safety, Installation, and Maintenance.

Chain Lubrication.


12. Clutches, Brakes, and Backstops.

Clutch/Brake Selection.

Clutch, Brake, and Holdback Types.


13. Shaft Couplings and Alignment.

Rigid Shaft Couplings.

Flexible Shaft Couplings.

Non-Metallic Couplings Types.

Metallic Flexible Couplings.

Metallic Coupling Types.

Miscellaneous Couplings.

Universal Joints.

Flexible Coupling Selection.

Coupling Installation and Maintenance.

Metallic Coupling Lubrication.

Shaft Coupling Balance/Unbalance.

Flexible Coupling Alignment.


14. Gear Drives.

Gear Construction.

Gear Terminology.

Gear Types.

Open Gear Alignment.

Gear Wear and Failure Analysis.

Enclosed Gear Drives.

Enclosed Gearbox Types.

Gearbox Installation, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance.


15. Linear Motion Technology.

Linear Motion Operating Concerns.

Linear Guidance Components.

Linear Thrust Mechanisms.


16. Material Conveying Systems.

Conveyor Design and Selection.

Troughed Belt Conveyors.

Conveyor Idlers.

Conveyor Belting.

Roller, Slider Bed, and Gravity Conveyors.


17. Fluid Power Actuation.

Fluid Power Actuation.

Simple Application.

Types of Actuators.

Valve Actuation.

Design Practice.








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