Canadian-only ProductMachine Tool Practices Canadian Edition

By Richard R. Kibbe, John E. Neely, Roland O. Meyer, Warren T. White, Mark Bonkoski, Paul Bradshaw

Published by Pearson Education Canada

Published Date: Apr 1, 2003


For Machine Shop, Machine Technology, Machining Processes/Manufacturing Processes Technology, Industrial Technology, Industrial Mechanics, and Industrial Engineering courses at the college and apprenticeship level.

This text covers the core subject areas and provides a current, applications-oriented and richly illustrated analysis of today's Canadian manufacturing technology industry, making this an essential component towards building a basic foundation required to effectively work in the machining area. Each section begins with an introductory overview, followed by easy-to-read instructional units designed around specific projects that accurately reflect the state of the art in industrial machine shop environments. Also included are introductions to all common manual machine tool operations, computer numerical control operations, and Canadian safety standards and regulations.

Table of Contents



Section A: Safety in a Machine Tool Environment.

Section B: Dimensional Measurement.

Section C: Layout.

Section D: Hand Tools and Mechanical Hardware.

Section E: Materials and Metallurgy.

Section F: Sawing Machines, Tools and Operations.

Section G: Drilling Machines, Tools and Operations.

Section H: Turning Machines, Tools and Operations.

Section I: Vertical Milling Machines.

Section J: Horizontal Spindle Milling Machines.

Section K: Heat Treating.

Section L: Grinding Machines, Tools and Operations.

Section M: Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machines and Operations.

Appendix A: Answers to Self-Tests.

Appendix B: General Tables.


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