Canadian-only ProductGendering the Vertical Mosaic: Feminist Perspectives on Canadian Society, 2nd Edition

By Roberta Hamilton

Published by Pearson Education Canada

Published Date: Apr 23, 2004


First published in 1996 this is a much anticipated revision of Professor Hamilton's introduction to Canadian society from a feminist theoretical viewpoint. The book examines Canadian society and feminist perspectives, and some of the key themes and concerns that have been raised by women's movements in Canada in the past thirty years. It presents a complete discussion of feminist theories and feminist challenges to the Canadian state with many examples.

Table of Contents


Acknowledgments to Second Edition.


 1: Feminist Theories.

 2: The Women's Movement(s).

 3: The Canadian State: Feminist Perspectives.

 4: Challenging the State: Self-determination, Nationalism, and Anti-racism.

 5: Challenging the Sexual Division of Labour: Family, Employment, and Community.

 6: Representation and Subjectivity.

 7: Global Restructuring, Canadian Connections, and Feminist Resistance.



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