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Canadian-only ProductContested Sociology: Rethinking Canadian Experience, 2012 Updates

By Sylvia M. Hale

Published by Pearson Education Canada

Published Date: Jan 3, 2012

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Contested Sociology incorporates contemporary Canadian research that draws on each of the four major perspectives and covers different substantive issues. It will challenge you to keep shifting perspectives to learn to see the guiding assumptions that underlie research questions and empirical evidence. Each chapter is designed to stand alone, although all presuppose familiarity with the four major theoretical perspectives. The goal is to provide a depth of understanding that prepares you for advanced courses in sociology.

Table of Contents



Part I: An Overview of Sociology

        1. The Sociological Imagination: The Promise of Sociology
        2. Thinking Theoretically
        3. A Critical Look at Methodologies
        4. The Microsociology of Everyday Life
        5. Gender Relations: Competing Perspectives


Part II: Testing the Perspectives

        6.  Loss of Community? The Rural-Urban Debate


Part III: Social Cohesion and Order in Industrial Society

        7. Cohesion and Morality: A Critical Look at Durkheim
        8. Sociology of Law and Deviance
        9. Durkheim’s Legacy and the Sociology of Religion


Part IV: Political Economy: Challenging Capitalism

        10. Karl Marx and the Crises of Capitalism
        11. The Political Economy of Canada
        12. Development: Competing Theories of Economic Change
13. REVISED The Sociology of War and Terrorism


Part V: Rationality and Bureaucratic Society

        14. Max Weber and Rationality in Western Culture
      15. NEW Formal Organizations: Rationality, Power, and Resistance
        16. Mass Media: Communication and Contested Representation


Part VI: Modern Systems Theory Under Attack

        17. Talcott Parsons and Functionalist Theory
        18. The Family: The Site of Love, Exploitation, and Oppression
        19. Stratification: Meritocracy as Ideology
        20. Education: Does It Moderate or Perpetuate Social Inequality?
        21. Sociology of Race and Ethnic Relations




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